Sora is about 17, his has long, untamed, spiky hair he keeps under a bandana. his eyes are sky blue, he is couragous, lovable, skillful and smart.

Involement in Orb of Chaos

Sora is a Ukla, a half man and half lion species which live in a village called Sekcliff atop a great mountain facing Elles-Dur. He is one of the main Pratoginst in the three book series, his first appearance is when Karen is kidnapped by Alexander Scabior, commander of the evil organization known as the Slayers. He is was also abducted by the Slayers which were taking them back to their base in the Dragon Ruins. Sora saved Karen from Scabior by taking his sword and kicking Scabior and the other Slayer off the wagon and from then on they have been traveling companions, they meet lots of people and some join them on there travels such as Sophia, Sora's childhood friend, Staphan a 14yr old mage, Kenshin a traveling assasin and Arya, daughter of the Mayor of Alek. At the end they find out that Sora is of royal blood, he is to be the next Ukla king.

Weapon of choice

Sora had three weapons in the whole series, one was Scabiors sword which he sold at Arcta, the other two Schmitars he bought and finally the legendary sword of the hero king Lightstrike.


Sora's arch enemy is the evil warrior/mage Vanita, it is stated that the two knew each other in the past but it is unknown when or where but it is known is that they hate eachother


Sora was friends with Sophia since he was a child but he did not have any romantic feelings for her, he treated Karen as a sister and was dumbfounded when she kissed him but the one he felt in love with was Arya for she loved him for himself not him being next in line to be king of the Ukla's