Kenshin is a Human with short cropped black hair, he has the features of a hawk and the agillty of a leopard


Kenshin was once a proud member of the Slayers, he was one of there chief Assasins before he hesitated on a target and was banished from the Slayers and forced to walk Alandin till the day he died. He met the Heroes while on the road to Slayer Headquarters and, feeling he wanted revenge, joined them on there travels. His plan was to get revenge then kill the others but he did not expect one thing, falling in love. He deeply fell in love with Sophia after their escape from the Werewolf Greywolf and competed for her love with, as he thought, with Sora. The night before the Battle of Sekcliff Kenshin went to visit Sophia in her chambers, she was crying for she saw Karen kiss Sora and Kenshin comforted her, that night they kissed and slept together until morning. He was last seen standing by Sora on the battlefield after the final bout.


Kenshin uses a Bow and a quiver of fine oak arrows. he also carrys a Rapier