Karen has long blonde hair braided with golden beads, she is an elf sage so she has long pointed ears which she neatly keeps hidden under her flowing locks. she has deep brown eyes and a soft voice which doesn't match her strength in a fight

Involvement in Orb of Chaos

Karen is fleeing after her temple was besieged by the Slayers but she was hot on her tracks by Slayers led by Alexander Scabior, Commander of the Slayers and was captured. She was rescued by a heroic young Ukla who also was captured named Sora and after that Karen asked Sora to be her bodyguard on there travels to Elles-Dur to tell King Sosuke about the massing Slayer army approaching. She keeps that she is an elf a secret for most of the elves in Alandin are in hiding or slaves, but at the near end of the book, near the battle of Sekcliff Sora finds out that she is an Elf and is asked if he could keep it a secret which he humbly agrees to because they are friends and he makes the solumn Ukla promise that he won't tell a living soul


One of Karens enemys, if you believe it is Sophia and Arya because they are all fighting for the love of Sora, Sophia because she knew him when he was a boy, Arya because she saved his life and he vowed he would pay her back (and she thought he was handsome) and Karen because she and Sora had been travelling longer then any of them with him and prior to the battle of Sekcliff she kisses Sora on the cheek.


Karen uses two long hunting knifes as weapons and a jeweled short sword given to her by Staphan.