Vanita's face is unknown for he wheres a red mask and red armour with a X on the chest plate


It is unknown about Vanita's past but it is stated that Sora and Vanita knew eachother. Vanita is a Warrior/Mage and he is the leader of the Slayers which was thought to be Alexander Scabior but after Scabior's death it is revealed to be him. Vanita makes an appearance when the heroes make it to Darkwall castle and Vanita and Sora meet in battle in the town center and in King James Kirkwall's tomb. After the heroes find the headquarters of the Slayers and kills Scabior, it is told that he is the real leader and after the Heroes escape, Vanita sends an army to Elles-Dur to kill them. When the attack failed Vanita was furious and said he had mote tricks up his sleeve to his advisors at the end


Vanita wields a sword of living darkness which is Lightstrikes counterpart