Arya has copper long hair, a smooth complexion and liquid blue eyes


Arya is the daughter of Murdock, mayor of Alek. When the Orcs attack Alek, the heroes step in and help but Sora was fatally wounded after facing a troll. Arya nurses Sora back to health and in turn falls in love with him, when the Orc invasion is over she asks to join there group, without permission of her father, to venture into her relationship with Sora. The Day before the battle of Sekcliff. Arya is hanging out in the courtyard of Sekcliff castle when Sora comes and visits her, she admits her love for him and kisses him then runs into her chambers, Sora comes to her chambers to sort things out when she comes in and tells him she will always have his back and love him for what he is, not his heritage or money, Sora geniually falls in love and sleeps with her that night. At the celebration Sora and Arya share a flagon of beer and celebrate the victory.


She uses a club and spear as a weapon