The Book starts when Karen Kreel, a great Elf Sage, is fleeing her temple and is followed by Slayers, a evil organization, and there evil commander Alexander Scabior. Karen is captured and is loaded up onto a Wagon with another kidnapped person. The kidnapped person soon saved Karen from the Slayers and revealed his name was Sora Liongale and he was a Ukla, a half-human, half-lion species that dwell in a village (later kingdom) Sekcliff atop the peak of a mountain. The two go out towards Elles-Dur to inform its king about the Slayers when they meet Sophia Windgale, a human childhood friend of Sora informs them that the Slayers stole the Orb of Chaos from her grandmother. The Orb of Chaos is the living emboidment of chaos and if it is smashed the land was doomed. They then set out a quest toward the Slayer headquarters and meet many friends and some join them such as Staphan, a 14yr old farmboy mage, Arya, the daughter of the mayor of Alek and Kenshin, a lone traveling Assasin on exile from the Creed.